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The LG LDF6920ST is a mid-level build-under steam dishwasher that is EnergyStar compliant.

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has a number of shorter cycles available when you just want to wash a few things without wasting a lot of water and soap

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easy to load, racks are well designed to be accessible

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can barely hear it while its running

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attractive bezel, looks clean and professional in any kitchen

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doesn't draw much power while running

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controls are intuitive, don't need to worry about reading the instructions

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doesn't heat water well, need to rely on your house's hot water system

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dishes often come out wet, drying cycle isn't effective

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The LG LDF6920ST is a mid-level build-under steam dishwasher that is EnergyStar compliant. An insulated door and LG's patented Slim Direct Motor reduce sound while the LDF6920ST's Hybrid Condensing Drying system ensures that dishes come out of the LDF6920ST dry enough to be put straight into the cupboard. The LG LDF6920ST's half wash mode also caters to convenience, allowing for a partial-load to be washed without wasting the water from a full-load cycle; with a maximum capacity of 16 place settings, the LG LDF6920ST can accommodate very large loads when necessary.

The LG LDF6920ST runs at a nearly silent 45 decibels due to its insulate door ans Slim Direct Motor, ensuring that the LG LDF6920ST does not interfere with even conversation. Its Hybrid Condensing Drying system shortens the LG LDF6920ST's dry cycle while still making it more effective, ensuring that dishes come out of the LDF6920ST not needing any additional drying. A half wash function adds a level of convenience to the LDF6920ST, allowing the user to start a cycle whenever is best, without having to worry about additional wasted water, especially considering the LDF6920ST's large capacity.

  • Quiet - 45 decibels
  • Hybrid Condensing Drying system
  • Exterior LED Cycle Indicator
  • Built-In Food Disposer
  • 12% more energy efficient and 41% more water efficient than ENERGY STAR standards.
  • Maximum capacity of 16 place settings
  • Half wash mode
Model Variations
  • LG LDF6920WW - white version of the LG LDF6920ST ($739)
  • LG LDF6950BB - black version of the LG LDF6920ST  ($739)
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