The Hom-Bot 2.0 is a wireless robotic vacuum cleaner from the LG company.

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The Hom-Bot 2.0 is a wireless robotic vacuum cleaner from the LG company. Functioning as the successor to LG's original Hom-Bot product, this model aims to compete with the popular iRobot Roomba product line. Available in both red and blue color options, this model features a dual-camera navigation system that works in conjunction with multiple sensors to detect objects as thin as 1 centimeter in width. Claiming to be 30% percent more efficient than its predecessor, the Hom-Bot 2.0 employs LG's Smart ThinQ technology to enable full wireless control via Android or iOS mobile application. The application can be used to view a live video feed of the vacuum's surroundings, as well as adjust settings that control the rate and areas which the device will attempt to clean. For users without a compatible smartphone, Wi-Fi connectivity is also available for remote access via a laptop or desktop computer. Specific areas of the house can be programmed into the Hom-Bot via "Patrol" mode, for regulatory cleaning, in addition to a "Memorize" mode that allows users to start and stop the device from a specific location to ensure that no areas are missed. 

  • Available in red and blue color options 
  • Dual-camera navigation design 
  • Smart ThinQ application technology 
  • Live video feed capabilities 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Adjustable settings 
  • Multiple control modes 
  • Low-volume operation 
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