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The LG Compressor is a unique competitor to Dyson's cyclone technology.

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The LG Compressor is a unique competitor to Dyson's cyclone technology. The Compressor is aptly named because it actually compresses the dust into triangular wedges as it suctions, ensuring the dust stays compact and won't fly around the room. The dust cubes are then easily thrown away when you're done vacuuming, eliminating the problem of dust particles dirtying the air in your home. The Kompressor comes in 3 different versions including: standard Compressor, Compressor PetCare and Compressor AllergyCare. The most powerful version boasts one of the highest powers on the market at 2,000 watts. The vacuum is bagless, has a washable air filter and uses LG's cyclone system.

Process for converting dust into bricks
  1. Dust is suctioned into 1 section of a cannister that has 2 separate compartments
  2. The dust is filtered 4 times and split into different particle sizes
  3. After filtration, the dust is moved to the second compartment with a rotating blade
  4. The rotating blade moves from side to side, compacting the dust into wedges

LG has always had dust in mind when designing their vacuum cleaners. They've graduated from a dust separator to the compression technique by researching the effects of dust on the home and how during the cleaning out process, you often find the dust escaping.

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Lucienne Breingan
01/28/2010 12:51

I have the upright version - DO NOT BUY!! It certainly sucks up the dirt, but is so very heavy that I can hardly push it. It seriously hurts my shoulders. I'm not a small chick - tall, well-built, do martial arts, etc. - but I hate using my vacuum because of the damage it does to my shoulders. Sometimes I have to use my knees to help push it along. Dysons do the same job, and are WAY lighter - buy a Dyson instead. Or a miele.

06/19/2007 12:28

mmm potato wedges... wait this is something completely different... but seriously, I looked at getting one of these since i have pretty bad dust allergies and two cats who i am somewhat allergic to. Only issue is that my new appartment has no carpet anymore so it doesnt seem like it makes sense to get an expensive vacuum

05/23/2007 10:35

I love triangular wedges. You?

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