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The WM2240CW is a front-load washing machine from the LG company.

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emits a pleasant tone when the cycle is done rather than an irritating beep

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can load detergent, fabric softener and bleach all in the same area, clearly labelled and easy to work with

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controls are all simple and obvious

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constructed with durable and reliable components to last for years

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generally very quiet operation, can barely hear it (if balanced right)

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cleans clothes thoroughly every time

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spin cycle is pretty noisy, a bit hard to get the machine levelled right

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The WM2240CW is a front-load washing machine from the LG company. Featuring a an extra-large capacity of 3.7 cubic feet, this model incorporates a number of modern technologies in the interest of efficiency, reliability and overall ease-of-use. Incorporating LG's own 6Motion washing technology, the unit is capable of applying up to six different washing motions depending on the type of material being laundered. This aims to provide cleaner materials while offering a gentler overall cleaning experience for a minimized risk of premature fraying and color de-saturation. Also featuring an electronic control panel with an easy-to-read LED display, the WM2240CW provides up-to-the minute status referencing on a given wash cycle with the "Dial-A-Cycle" control set enabling fast, easy setup. Operational noise is considerably reduced through "LoDecibel" technology, while the SenseClean system aims to minimize water usage by automatically water level and wash times based on garment weight. In addition, the washer features a Direct Drive motor for optimal efficiency and includes a 10-year limited warranty covering parts and labor. 

  • Matte white aesthetic with silver highlighting 
  • LG 6Motion technology 
  • Electronic control panel with LED display 
  • SpeedWash cycle 
  • LoDecibel quiet operation 
  • SenseClean system 
  • TrueBalance anti-vibration system 
  • Direct Drive motor technology 
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
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