The LG DLG5966G is a mid-to-high end gas dryer.

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The LG DLG5966G is a mid-to-high end gas dryer. Instead of using an electrical power source, gas dryers use natural gas to create heat instantly when turned on, resulting in faster drying times and less power consumption. The DLG5966G is front loading and is designed to be stylish enough to be at home in living areas rather than a standard laundry room hidden out of sight. The dryer has several ease-of-use features such as a stainless steel drum which allows for faster drying times, multiple settings for temperatures, fabrics, and drying programs, and an automated sensor that signals when lint build up has reached a level that interferes with functionality. Another automated feature optimizes and adjusts temperature levels for the most efficient drying of fabrics. The DLG5966G has several model variations that are listed below. It can also be coupled, or stacked, with its matching washer: the LG WM2455HG.

Specifications and Features
  • dryer type: gas
  • dimensions: 27" x 38 11/16" x 30"
  • weight: 131 lbs
  • capacity: 7.3 cu.ft.
  • LED display; dial-a-cycle
  • front loading
  • 5 temperature settings
  • precise temperature settings
  • sensor dry system: automatically optimizes settings
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation
  • FlowSense duct clog indication and signal
  • drying rack for items that should not be tumbled
  • color: gray
  • warranty: one year
Model Variations

DLE5955G, $1149.99 - The same features and dimensions as the DLG5966G but uses an electrical source for heat instead of natural gas.

DLE5955W, $1049.99 - Identical to the electrical version DLE5955G except with a white color scheme instead of pearl gray.

DLG5966W, $1119.99 - A gas dryer and identical to the DLG5966G is every way except in color: this model is white instead of pearl gray.

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