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LG debuted its hybrid Super Blu BH100 Blu-ray/HD DVD player at CES 2007.

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Plays both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats

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Not fully compatible with HD-DVD - no interactive features

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Only meets HDMI 1.2 standard

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LG debuted its hybrid Super Blu BH100 Blu-ray/HD DVD player at CES 2007. This player, that hit shelves early February 2007, solves the nextgen DVD format wars by being able to play both. To hedge your bets, you will have to pay, though, as the BH100 is expected to retail for $1,199. The player is able to display 1080p resolutions via its HDMI connector. Future-proof consumers should be aware that the HDMI connector meets only the 1.2 standard and not the newer 1.3.

It does not fully support HD DVD since it cannot display any of its menus or interactive content. The second generation LG BH200 solves this problem and makes other small improvements, but still retails for $999.

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08/17/2007 05:22

This product is a little deceptive in that it touts itself as compatible with both Blu Ray and HD-DVD. In the sense that it will play both formats, this is true, but it doesn't offer FULL compatibility with HD-DVD, meaning no compatibility with the interactive features of that format. While this isn't a deal-breaker for me, it might be for others. What I do consider to be a deal-breaker, though, is the lack of HDMI 1.3a output, which means no Deep Color compatibility, and no transmission of Hi-def surround formats in their native bitstreams.

Incidentally, Samsung is supposed to be releasing a combo-player that addresses the LG's shortcomings. I guess time will tell if this is actually the case.

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