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The LG BD650 is a mid-cost Blu-ray player.

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DVD upscaling is reasonably sharp, good approximation of HD

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digital audio support is excellent, nothing lost in the signal

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USB port can read a wide variety of file types for playback

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finish compliments most HDTV finishes

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Bonus View feature saves a lot of time, very useful

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disc comes out as soon as the Eject button is pressed, no waiting

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very slim design, takes up very little room

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Many sites say that the BD650 has "integrated" or "built-in" wi-fi, but it does not. It requires the LG brand specific adapter ($50+)

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The LG BD650 is a mid-cost Blu-ray player. LG promotes the BD600 line of Blu-ray players as having a slim design that compliments the look of modern HDTVs. This player is equipped with USB 2.0 playback, so that you can view content from a variety of devices. The BD650 shows Blu-ray content in 1080p, and upscales standard DVDs to near HD. The Bonus View feature provides picture-in-picture access to Blu-ray Disc special features. This means that you can easily go back and forth between movie scenes and bonus features. The Dolby TrueHD Digital Plus sound of this player offers up to 7.1 channels of high-quality audio. This model differs from the lower cost BD640 model in it it has DLNA capability (which allows you to access and stream content from other DLNA-enabled devices like PCs), LG's SmartTV platform (which with a simple dashboard gives you access to a wide variety of content sites like Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, YouTube and many others, instead of just a small variety of sites), and is 3D-enabled. However, the BD650's WiFi adapter is sold seperately, while the BD640's is included. This model differs from the higher cost BD670 model in that the BD670 has built-in WiFi capability, as well as MusicID (which allows you to play a song from a movie or TV show by simply pressing a button on the remote, then gives you artist/song name/genre information, as well as album art). The LG BD650 Blu-ray player has a SimpLink function, which allows you to connect all your LG devices through HDMI so that you can control them with one remote. 

  • Ethernet port
  • WiFi capability (adapter not included)
  • DLNA capability
  • 3D-enabled
  • Slim, compact design
  • SmartTV platform
  • 1080p upscaling
  • BD Live access
  • LG Simplink connectivity
  • Dolby TrueHD Digital Plus
  • USB 2.0 playback
  • Quick-opening tray
  • Bonus View features
  • Full 1080p
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