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Beyond this core upgrade is the addition of a fourth HDMI port for increased connectivity.

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1080p, 120Hz, fast 4ms refresh, high 50,000:1 contrast ratio

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high number of inputs

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Some backlight bleeding.

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thick reflective bezels

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The LG Scarlet series is a step above the LG50s and is the least expensive line of televisions introduced by LG that offers both a 1080p native resolution display, and a 120Hz display mode. Beyond this core upgrade is the addition of a fourth HDMI port for increased connectivity, and a red backed frame to distinguish the line. The panels used share the same specifications as the less expensive LG50 series with the same contrast ratio, response time and brightness.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 120Hz mode
  • 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 5:5 pull-down
  • 4 ms response time
  • 500 cd/m2 brightness
  • Intelligent Sensor 
  • Clear Voice
  • Invisible speaker system
  • Clear Voice Technology
  • SimpleLink Connectivity
  • USB 2.0 (JPEG, MP3)
  • Inputs: HDMI1.3 x 4, Component x 2, Composite x 1, S-Video x 1, VGA x 1
LG50 and above features

Intelligent Sensor - this is the marketing name for the light sensor that automatically adjust the resulting picture on the television depending on the lighting conditions in the room.

USB2.0 port - connect a USB mass storage device to the television to access stored images and music. Format support is limited, so this isn't a replacement to a full digital media box or computer.

Features Common to all 2008 LG LCDs

Invisible Speaker System - LG has done away with traditional speaker drivers and instead places actuators inside the bezel that surrounds the panel itself. LG claims this creates a "wall" of surround sound.

Clear Voice - the television dynamically enhances the audio frequencies used in human dialog in an attempt to make voices clearer even during scenes with loud background noise or music.

SimpleLink Connectivity - when the TV is hooked up to other LG devices through HDMI that support the same SimpleLink technology, you can control them directly from the TV itself.

1080p support - The sets support 1080p content at 60Hz/30Hz/24Hz through both HDMI and Component inputs.


The LG60 series follows this naming convention: LG xxLG60 where "xx" are replaced by the television's size.

The 42LGX is a special television made by LG that emphasizes thinness measuring 1.7" thick. The 42LGX can be considered part of the LG60 series since they share the exact same specifications except for the thickness of the unit itself.

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