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It is a high-definition touchscreen television from LG that offers a step-up from the company's PenTouch 50PV490 model.

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self-calibration technology makes it easier to get the best picture possible

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PenTouch widget apps range from image editing to web browsing to calendar organization. great variety

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Touchscreen plasma with the use of the PenTouch Pen stylus

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very nice price point when taking into consideration the combination of large 60" display and touchscreen technology

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Smart Energy Saving features help bring down the usual high energy burden of plasma technology

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intelligent light sensor automatically adjusts brightness according to lighting conditions

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as with most plasmas, kind of an energy hog

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The PenTouch 60PV490 is a high-definition touchscreen television from LG that offers a step-up from the company's PenTouch 50PV490 model. Fitted with a 60-inch plasma LCD display, this model provides full 1080p HD content playback for maximum enjoyment of TV, movie and additional high-quality video files. Using the included stylus control, PC owners can attach their computers via HDMI and access a host of convenient widget applications that range from image editing and calendar organization to web-browsing and video streaming. Synchronizing with a pre-existing Wi-Fi internet connection, the TV involves minimal setup time and is designed with inexperienced users in mind. Picture settings can be quickly adjusted via a number of built-in services, with an Intelligent Sensor measuring local lighting levels in effort to optimize brightness and contrast levels. Self-calibration is also made possible with the inclusion of on-screen reference points, walking users step-by-step through black level, tint, color, sharpness and backlight adjustments. A number of pre-configured ISFccc Ready templates are accessible from the TV's remote, implementing specific settings based on day and nighttime activity in a given area. Furthermore, users can access a variety of Smart Energy Saving features in effort to minimize ecological impact throughout regular daily use.  

  • 60-inch plasma LCD display 
  • Full HD 1080p resolution 
  • PenTouch TV touchscreen capabilities
  • Intelligent sensor 
  • Self-calibration technology 
  • Picture Wizard II calibration 
  • Smart Energy Saving features
  • ISFccc Ready
  • HDMI connectivity 
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