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The LG LH50 Series is a Full 1080p LCD HDTV series from LG's 2009 lineup.

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handles a wide array of file types for playback, including some obscure formats

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adjustment features are easy to access and offer detailed control

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audio quality is adequate for most users, everything is fairly clear

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file playback through USB is high-quality, scales gracefully without artifacts

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excellent response time for gaming consoles, no lag

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large collection of online features, all very well thought-out and easy to use

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code to register the TV for DivX functionality is hidden under an obscure menu, not documented

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The LG LH50 Series is a Full 1080p LCD HDTV series from LG's 2009 lineup.  The series is designed with a sleek panel and an invisible speaker system for a slim silhouette.  It features LG's four core technologies in addition to S-ISP technology for reduced motion blur.  The LH50 Series is an upgrade to the LH40 series and although both series include a 120Hz refresh rate, the LH50 series is LG's first HDTV series to feature ethernet connectivity which the LH40 series lacks.  The inclusion of the ethernet connection in the series means users will have NetCast entertainment access and be able to watch NetFlix, YouTube, and CinemaNow streaming video as well as use Yahoo widgets directly on their TV without the need for a computer.  The LH50 Series includes four HDMI inputs and a USB port for access to digital music and photos.  It also has LG's Smart Energy Saving Plus design and an intelligent room lighting sensor for higher energy conservation.  The LH50 Series includes a 42" or 47" screen size and is expected to be released in Spring 2009.

  • Full 1080p HD native resolution
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • NetCast Entertainment Access
  • NetFlix, YouTube, CinemaNow streaming + Yahoo widgets
  • Trumotion 120Hz refresh rate with dejudder processing
  • 4 HDMI™ (V.1.3 with Deep Color)
  • Intelligent Room Lighting Sensor
  • 24p Real Cinema (5:5 Pulldown)
  • ISFccc Ready
  • LG SimpLink™
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Smart Energy Saving Plus
  • LG Core Technologies
  • Invisible speaker system
  • S-ISP motion-blur technology

The model numbers of the LG LH50 series follow the format xxLH50 where xx indicates the screen size of the set. 

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