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The LG INFINIA 60PZ950 is a high-end 3D TV, a flagship offering.

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Good picture quality compared to competitors

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Out of the box picture settings are calibrated to TV standards, good picture quality right from the start

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Innovative motion remote, traditional style remote also included

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Applications, users can stream media content from Youtube, Netflix, and amazon video

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Network connectivity and DLNA certification, users can stream content from their computers or network storage over their home network

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Passive 3D, no need to heavy active shutter glasses

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Built-in speakers' sound quality is subpar

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Poor manual documentation

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The LG INFINIA 60PZ950 is a high-end 3D TV, a flagship offering. This TV incorporates 3D capability, which works with the use of active shutter glasses and an RF emitter built into the television. The INFINIA 60PZ950 is also equipped with 2D to 3D conversion, which is user-adjustable so consumers can watch almost anything with a 3D effect (this TV has THX 2D and 3D Display Certification). This TV comes equipped with the LG SmartTV function. SmartTV gives you access to content from sites like VUDU, Netflix, Youtube, CinemaNow and Hulu Plus (with the help of the included WiFi adapter). The SmartTV dashboard has four main sections: TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps and a Launch Bar, controlled by the Magic Motion remote control. The Magic Motion remote is gesture-based, and provides an intuitive way to control the TV as well as the LG SmartTV apps. The Picture Wizard function of the INFINIA 60PZ950 provides you with a seven-step calibration process to fine-tune picture settings with. This TV's Intelligent Sensor automatically calibrates and optimizes brightness, contrast, white balance and color based on the brightness in the room. This feature improves the picture and also reduces wasted energy output. The TruBlack feature improves the quality of dark colors. The TV's Clear Voice II feature customizes volume settings by twelve voice zoom levels. The INFINIA 60PZ950 has three AV modes preset to optimize picture and sound settings based on Cinema, Sports or Game content. These settings can be chosen with the remote control. This model differs from the lower cost INFINIA 50PZ950 in that it has a sixty inch 1080p display as opposed to a fifty inch display. The LG INFINIA 60PZ950 3D TV is Energy Star certified  

  • Picture Wizard
  • 60" Full HD 1080p display
  • 3D enabled
  • Uni-layer design (w/ slim bezel)
  • SmartTV w/ Magic Motion remote
  • THX 3D and 2D Display Certification
  • TruBlack Filter
  • 600Hz max Sub-field Driving
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • RF emitter
  • Clear Voice II
  • AV Mode II
  • DLNA
  • Wi-Fi capability (adaptor included)
  • Energy Star certified
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