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The 60PZ850 is a touchscreen 3D HD television from the LG company.

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pen touchscreen is pretty fun to use, responsive

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SD upscaling is good, makes content look almost HD

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good range of online services available

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3D up-conversion works well, creates a fun effect in older content

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setup is very easy, Picture Wizard II makes getting the settings right pretty simple

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Intelligent Sensor is great for detecting room lighting, keeps the screen from being too bright as the sun goes down

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needs some adjustment out of the box, colors seem off by default

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The 60PZ850 is a touchscreen 3D HD television from the LG company. Featuring a 60-inch full HD display, this model utilizes PenTouch technology for maximized user interaction. Connecting their laptop computers via HDMI, users can access a big-screen version of their pictures, videos and word documents, controlling prompts with the included stylus controller. The unit comes pre-loaded with a number of applications created specifically for touchscreen use, including a photo editor, an interactive calendar and a fully-functional web browser. Certified by THX, the 60PZ850 is capable of playing back stereoscopic 3D content including pictures, movies and video games. A front-mounted light sensor is also included that can automatically adjust brightness and contrast settings depending on the amount of light in the viewing room, helping to minimize energy expenditure while saving the user extensive setup time. LG has also included a number of pre-configured ISFcc settings that are tailored to local lighting conditions based on geographic locations so as to minimize eye strain during extended viewing sessions. 

  • 60-inch 1080p HD display
  • PenTouch touchscreen technology
  • 3D content compatibility 
  • 2D to 3D up-conversion
  • Picture Wizard II picture calibration 
  • THX Certified
  • Intelligent light sensor
  • ISFccc ready
  • Smart energy saving features
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