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The 55LW9800 is a three-dimensional HDTV from the LG company.

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energy efficient operation, doesn't draw too much power

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picture clarity and sharpness is extremely good, can pick out every little detail

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fast-moving subjects are rendered with perfect clarity, no blur or stutter

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picture goes almost right to the very edge, looks very cool

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plenty of connections, enough to not need a separate receiver

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base is a little cheap and flimsy, need to make sure it's on a solid surface

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controller is a little confusing to work with at first, takes a little getting used to

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gets lots of glare, need to watch the room's lighting

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The 55LW9800 is a three-dimensional HDTV from the LG company. Featuring a 55-inch HD display with LED backlighting, this model provides users with access to the LG Smart TV content collection. Comprising a wide variety of native applications and streaming internet services accessible via Wi-Fi connectivity, the included Magic Motion remote control provides simple point-and-click control in effort to minimize complications caused by peripherals with too many buttons. Users can access 3D videos on demand, and also port in content via HDMI and DLNA connectivity. The unit has been certified "Flicker Free" to ensure that ghosting and crosstalk issues common to lower-quality competitors will not inhibit the viewing experience, with TruMotion 400Hz processing helping to provide optimal image rendering for action scenes and live sports events. Native support of the Skype application provides big-screen videoconferencing for group calls to friends, family and associates, with flexible viewing angles promoting off-axis support with minimal discoloration. In addition, instant 2D-to-3D up-conversion is available for maximizing the experience of pre-existing movie and video content. A set of 3D glasses is included with purchase. 

  • 55-inch HD LED display 
  • LG Smart TV capabilities 
  • Smart Share wireless access 
  • Integrated Skype videoconferencing 
  • TruMotion 400Hz processing
  • Magic Motion remote control 
  • "Flicker Free" certification 
  • 2D-to-3D up-conversion 
  • Micro pixel control 
  • Includes comfortable 3D glasses 
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