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The LG 55LV5500 is a 55" LED TV.

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good variety of connection types and lots of them, can hook everything up easily

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setup is very simple, easy enough for complete entry-level users

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excellent energy efficiency, doesn't draw too much while on, barely draws anything while in standby

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picture quality is bright and vibrant, everything stands out in all lighting conditions

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remote control feels comfortable and is easy to use with one hand without looking at it

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fights glare very well, don't have to worry too much about the room's setup

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audio is very washed out, needs to be turned way up to understand what people are saying

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 The LG 55LV5500 is a 55" LED TV. It is Smart TV enabled, making thousands of movies and shows available online through a subscription based program.  The included Motion-Sensing remote makes organizing and selecting entertainment quick and easy.  Being Wi-Fi Ready means easy connections to online entertainment like NetCast.  An existing wireless broadband makes set up simple, without messy wires. The LG 55LV5500 has full 1080p HD resolution, double the pixels of normal HDTV.  This brings high quality detail and clarity to images on the screen.  TruMotion 120Hz keeps the TV on par with the action, ellminating the blur from fast paced movies and video games.  The LG 55LV5500 is energy efficient with bright and clear LED backlighting.  It is Energy Star Qualified and DLNA certified, to build a digital device network.

  • Smart TV
  • Motion Sensing Remote Included
  • LED Backlighting
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • 1080p Full HD
  • TruMotion 120Hz
  • DLNA Certified
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Intelligent Sensor 
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