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Introduce their 3D capable televisions sometime in 2010 and is the largest television in the series at 55 inches.

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Produces deep black level

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Excellent shadow detail and crisp image quality

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Incredibly thin bezel- almost an "all screen" look to it

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Does not work that well in a bright room

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The remote is not that great

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Cannot properly process 1080p/24 content

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Can experience some "ghosting" along edges when watching 3D

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The 55LE9500 is LG's flagship LED LCD television set to introduce their 3D capable televisions sometime in 2010 and is the largest television in the series at 55 inches. Along with 3D technology, the television also introduces Full LED Slim technology that allows for higher quality picture as well as a slim, thin design; a 0.92 inch cabinet depth and a 8.5mm bezel width. LED televisions have much higher dynamic contrast ratios than standard LCD displays, this results in deeper, truer blacks and an overall richer quality of picture. Full LED Slim also utilizes over 200 addressable areas on the screen to individually adjust each part for optimal performance and quality. Internet connectivity is also a focus of the system, with DLNA capability for interaction with other DLNA certified devices, and a Ethernet jack for wired or wireless options.

Once connected, users have a variety of options to choose from, further expanded by NetCast, a service that opens up usage of programs such as Skype, Youtube, and Netflix directly on the television. The wireless connection can also be used in conjunction with Blu-Ray players, cable or satellite receivers, or video game systems to provide a connection without the mess of multiple input wires attached to the television. Energy saving options are also included with a sensor that automatically detects its environment and adjusts brightness, contrast, and color levels accordingly to lower power consumption maintain consistent picture quality. The LE9500 also includes a unique remote system that has more in common with motion sensor peripherals than a standard remote: it has the traditional functionality expected from a remote control as well as motion sensitive options, gestures, and features streamlined buttons.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • power consumption: TBA
  • LG's flapship 3D television series
  • 47 inch, LED LCD display
  • Full LED Slim technology
  • slim, borderless design
  • 0.98 cabinet depth; 8.5mm bezel
  • Over 200 adjustable areas
  • DLNA and wireless capable
  • NetCast Entertainment Access; Youtube, Netflix
  • TruMotion 480 Hz technology
  • wireless HD ready
  • wireless input with players, video game systems
  • Ethernet port; 2 USB ports
  • THX display certification
  • Energy Star certified
  • light sensor; auto adjustments based on environment
  • "Magic Want" motion sensitive remote control scheme
  • warranty: TBA
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