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The LG INFINIA 50PZ550 is an upper mid-cost 3D TV.

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can fine-tune the picture or let the TV work it all out on its own, does a good job by itself

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bezel design is sleek and doesn't use distracting details

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This is the same tv as the 60 inch should score the same

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3D renders at a very high framerate, looks clear and stutter-free

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will play media from media servers on the network directly

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setup is very plug-and-play, very little work to do to get it set up

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handles dimming and brightness according to the light in the room automatically and is just right, doesn't over-do it

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voice zoom levels bring out the dialog, makes everyone much easier to understand

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takes some time to break it in, picture isn't as vibrant as it could be when you first get it

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The LG INFINIA 50PZ550 is an upper mid-cost 3D TV. This TV's NetCast entertainment access allows you to view content from sites like Netflix, CinemaNow, VUDU, Picasa, (with the TV's wired Ethernet port, or a WiFi adapter, which is sold seperately). The INFINIA 50PZ550 TV's DLNA certification means that you can play content from other sources such as PCs on it. The 600Hz Sub-field Driving feature helps this TV to get through fast action sequences without blurring. This TV's Clear Voice II feature customizes volume settings with twelve voice zoom levels. The INFINIA 50PZ550 has three AV modes preset to optimize picture and sound settings based on Cinema, Sports or Game content. This TV is 3D capable. LG's 3D is acheived by the use of active shutter glasses, as well as an RF emitter built into the television. The Picture Wizard function of the INFINIA 50PZ550 incorporates a seven-step calibration process with which to fine-tune picture settings. This TV's Intelligent Sensor automatically calibrates brightness, contrast, white balance and color based on the lighting in the room, a feature that improves the picture and also reduces wasted energy output. This model differs from the higher cost INFINIA 60PZ550 in that the INFINIA 60PZ550 has a sixty inch 1080p display as opposed to a fifty inch display. The LG INFINIA 50PZ550 3D TV is Energy Star certified  

  • Picture Wizard
  • 50" Full HD 1080p display
  • 3D enabled
  • TruSlim frame
  • Ethernet jack
  • NetCast entertainment access
  • 600Hz max Sub-field Driving
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • RF emitter
  • Clear Voice II
  • AV Mode II
  • DLNA
  • Wi-Fi capability (adaptor sold seperately)
  • Energy Star certified
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