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The LG 50PW350 is an upper mid-cost 3D TV.

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value - a 50" 1080p plasma at a reasonable price

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thin - good for wall mounting

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looks good - features a slick, aesthetically pleasing design

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includes the Wi-Fi adapter - no additional purchase required

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good manufacturer warranty - 2 years

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lots of HD inputs - includes 4x HDMI

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future proof - supports 3D video

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lacks Internet apps

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poor sounding built-in speakers

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The LG 50PW350 is an upper mid-cost 3D TV. The Intelligent Sensor of this TV automatically adjusts visual settings to match room conditions, for optimum brightness. The 50PW350's Picture Wizard gives you a seven-step calibration process, so that you can get a detailed picture that is suited to the content. The Clear Voice II feature of this TV allows you to choose between twelve audio settings, so that you can fine-tune sound. The 50PW350 comes equipped with three AV modes to optimize audio/visual settings based on content: Cinema, Sports, or Game. The TruSlim frame of this TV is less than an inch thick. The 50PW350's DLNA certification means that it is open to playing content from other sources. This TV is 3D enabled, and the effect is achieved by having an RF emitter in the TV, as well as a pair of active shutter glasses. The 600Hz refresh of this TV ensures that fast action scenes will not streak by. This TV differs from the lower cost LG 42PW350 in that it has a fifty inch 1080p display as opposed to a forty-two inch display. The LG 50PW350 3D TV is Energy Star certified.

  • 50" 1080p display
  • Energy Star certified
  • DLNA certified
  • TruSlim frame
  • 600Hz Sub-Field Driving
  • 3D enabled
  • RF emitter
  • Picture Wizard
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • Clear Voice II
  • AV Mode II
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