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The LG 47LE5500 is an edge-lit LED television released in 2010.

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responsive for gaming purposes, no lag

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menus are intuitive, fast, and modern design

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NetCast Entertainment enables access to YouTube and Netflix

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LED Plus technology with local dimming improves picture quality above and beyond that of standard edge-lit LEDs

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extremely bright display, can handle any lighting environment

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color adjustment allows fine-tuning on a number of levels, including skin tones

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4 HDMI ports for multiple HD source connections

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"Wireless HD ready" means no wireless, and it is difficult to find a compatible adapter even directly from LG

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edge lighting shows a clearly visible halo around the edges when the screen is dark

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speakers are tiny, need to be turned up to hear dialog, can't ever get very loud

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Internet applications are limited, not much to choose from

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The LG 47LE5500 is an edge-lit LED television released in 2010. The 47 inch display system is capable of full 1080p high definition and combines LED technology with LG's LED Plus technology, a new addition to their 2010 releases. LED televisions provide a higher dynamic contrast ratio, resulting in clearer, truer blacks and a richer visual display while still keeping a slim television design. LED Plus expands on this and allows for higher picture quality by adjusting 16 addressable segments on the display to tailor picture quality. The 47LE5500 includes a connectivity package of DLNA compatibility, an Ethernet jack, and access to NetCast Entertainment which opens up such services as Youtube, Netflix, and Skype to be used directly on the television. Wireless functionality can also be expended to Blu-Ray players, cable and satellite receivers, and video game systems to avoid using wires to connect them with the television. Power consumption is also addressed with a sensor that detects light levels in the television's environment and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen accordingly to only use the amount of energy that is required for the room.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • power consumption: TBA
  • 47 inch, LED LCD display
  • LED Plus technology
  • slim, borderless design
  • 16 adjustable areas
  • DLNA and wireless capable
  • NetCast Entertainment Access; Youtube, Netflix
  • TruMotion 120 Hz technology
  • wireless HD ready
  • wireless input with players, video game systems
  • Ethernet port; 2 USB ports
  • THX display certification
  • light sensor; auto adjustments based on environment
  • warranty: TBA
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