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The LG 42LW550T is a high definition LED television designed for 3D playback.

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Excellent range of media functionalities, multiple in/outputs and TruMotion upscaling

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Passive 3D is more comfortable due to the lighter glasses

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Seven 3D glasses included with the package

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No 3D flicker, unlike some active 3D glass/TV combos

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Good picture quality for the price in terms of colour accuracy and contrast

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Passive 3D's picture isn't quite as detailed as active 3D TVs

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Built-in speakers are poor, considering it is a $1000+ premium TV, buyers should pair it with a basic sound system

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Limited vertical viewing angles, might require a wall mount for optical viewing

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Input lag issues, no good for gamers

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The LG 42LW550T is a high definition LED television designed for 3D playback. This is closely related to the LG 55LW650T, having the same basic design and features but in a more compact 42 inch display design. Passive 3D playback is enabled through the use of 3D glasses, and 7 pairs are included to allow for an entire family's viewing enjoyment. TruMotion 100Hz mode enables the smooth playback of fast-moving subjects, eliminating blur or stutter when watching sports or action movies. An Ethernet connection is built in for online functionality, providing access to LGs Smart TV functionality to view streaming content from online sources. DLNA devices can connect as well for streaming playback, and a wide variety of file formats are supported for playback both over the network and through a USB port.

  • 42 in edge LED LCD screen
  • Passive 3D playback
  • Smart TV functionality built in
  • Extensive multimedia support
  • Comes with seven pairs of 3D glasses
  • Full 1080p HD
  • TruMotion 100Hz
  • DLNA, Ethernet, Wireless HD Ready
  • Component, Composite, HDMI, SCART
  • 2 x USB ports
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