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The 42LV5400 is a high-defintion television from the LG company.

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bright and clear picture, works great in a room with lots of windows

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switching between inputs is quick and easy, well designed process

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WiFi connects right away and works great with streaming services, no bandwidth problems at all

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great for sports action, shows everything sharply without any blur or stutter

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excellent color representation, can see the subtle shades well making everything look realistic

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audio pass-through is perfect for external sound systems, and works well with older legacy systems

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darker scenes tend to get too shadowy, details get lost

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The 42LV5400 is a high-defintion television from the LG company. Incorporating the Smart TV feature set for online multimedia connectivity, this model features a 42-inch LED display for vivid 1080p HD viewing. Using the Magic Motion remote control (sold separately), users can access a wide variety of content through an existing internet network that includes LG games and applications in addition to optimized web services. Some of these services include Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, AccuWeather, Google and Twitter, with all prompts registered via a series of simple wrist movements for fast, intuitive control. LED Plus technology helps to provide advanced brightness control through automatic dimming capabilities, providing users with the best possible picture settings for a given environment. Sports, video games and other high-speed content can be improved with TruMotion 120-hertz image processing, a customizable feature that aims to reduce or potentially eliminate blurring for optimal clarity. The 42LV5400 also features Energy Star certification, and incorporates a number of environmentally-friendly options that help to reduce ecological impact. 

  • Gloss black aesthetic 
  • 42-inch LED display 
  • LG Smart TV features
  • Full 1080p HD resolution 
  • 120Hz TruMotion image processing 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio 
  • Magic Motion remote control compatibility 
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06/14/2014 02:54


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