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The LG 42LH90 is a 42" LCD HDTV from LG's LH90 Series for 2009.

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allows for deep blacks that show good shadow details

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setup is quick and fairly simple, not a lot to it

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audio is above average, good clarity at lower volumes

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doesn't draw too much power while in operation

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can be very bright when needed, works well in sunlit rooms

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fast-moving video is rendered smoothly without any lost frames or blur

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more HDMI inputs than most people will need

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remote control is well designed and responsive

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The LG 42LH90 is a 42" LCD HDTV from LG's LH90 Series for 2009.  It features a native resolution of 1080p, 240Hz refresh rate, and LED backlighting with local dimming for superior picture quality.  For more information refer to the LG LH90 Series report.

  • 42" Screen
  • Full 1080p HD native resolution
  • Uncompressed Wireless Transmission from media box
  • TruMotion 120Hz with dejudder processing
  • 4 HDMI™ (V.1.3 with Deep Color)
  • Intelligent Room Lighting Sensor
  • 24p Real Cinema (5:5 Pulldown)
  • ISFccc Ready
  • LG SimpLink™
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Energy Star 3.0 compliant
  • LG Core Technologies
  • Invisible speaker system
Post Review
12/29/2009 01:07

Led backlit tv causes permanent eye damage.
After having vision problems after purchasing a LG LED-backlit TV unit (without knowing nothing about LEDs) I made a research now on LED backlit technology and since the LED lights are directed towards the viewer, watching a LED-backlit TV screen creates a direct health hazard to every viewer. I personally noticed that on my eyes vision after few months of watching LG Model # 42LH90 with LED-backlit screen and my vision became much worse, I need new glasses and my eyes now get tired just a few minutes after watching this TV. The screen is way too bright to watch it with covering one's eyes when it goes bright. I now turned the LED lights completely off and the TV picture is dark and ugly, but this is the only way I can watch it now.

As we know it is dangerous to look at LED lights for longer than 90 seconds! Yet LG made a TV with thousands of LED lights directed right at your eyes! Every LED light fixture has a WARNING to not look directly into the LED lights yet LG has made a TV set with the entire screen full of LED lights (emitting white light with enough blue light to impair or damage one's vision) and no warning about any impact of LED lights to your vision. How can that be safe?

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