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The LG 42LB5D is a 42" LCD television with a 1080p native resolution.

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The LG 42LB5D is a 42" LCD television with a 1080p native resolution. The set falls in the mid-range of HDTVs with no particular standout features, and hitting all the standard technological requirements in televisions at this level. One area where LG tries to differentiate the LB5D is through the response time, with this set achieving one of the lowest available at 5ms. A lower response time reduces the amount of "ghosting" which is an artifact that plagues LCDs during fast motion scenes.

Feature list
  • 42" LCD panel at 1080p native resolution
  • 5ms response time
  • 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 178 degree viewing angle (CNet's review found that discoloration happens at extreme angles)
  • Inputs: 3 x HDMI1.3, 2 x Component, 1 x VGA, 1 x Composite, 1 x S-Video, 1 x RF
  • Optical audio out, coaxial audio out

Over the air signals can be processed by the onboard ATSC tuner connected to the RF input. Processed audio can then be output either through the tv's speakers, or through either one of the optical or coaxial digital audio outputs. The VGA connection can receive a resolution up to 1920x1080 which is larger than many other sets, many of them max out at 1024x1024 resolution.

LG allows for a high level of adjustability compared to other sets in this range. The Intelligent Eye setting activates a light sensor on the set that automatically increases or decreases the brightness depending on the ambient room lighting. For the more advanced tweaker, individual color temperature settings can be changed either through one of the three presets or by modifying the red, green and blue values individually. There are up to seven different picture quality settings, that include two customed defined values (User1, User2) that are independent for each input. This means that each input can have two different settings which is useful if two people like different kinds of pictures, or for different times during the day.

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