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The LG HS200 is a compact and stylish projector that uses unique LED technology.

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lamp life is very long, don't have to switch it out bulbs for a few decades (literally)

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small and convenient design can fit into available space and can be moved around the house with ease

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very quiet, fan doesn't make much noise at all

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bright enough to work day or night

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doesn't use too much power while in operation

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can create a huge display on a wall for a satisfying viewing experience

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plays DivX movies off of a USB stick smoothly and reliably

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brighter than most projectors in this range

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resolution is restricted to 800x400, so despite a huge potential image you'll never get 1080p HD detail

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The LG HS200 is a compact and stylish projector that uses unique LED technology to create an attractive and detailed display that's perfect for presentations, photos and movies. By using an LED-based digital light source, the projector can display a wider colour range and deeper colour saturation than other similar models. It also has a long lasting LED Lamp that can last up to 20 years making it a worthwhile projector for those looking for such a device. The LG HS200 can also play photos and videos via USB and has a Wireless FM receiver that can be utilized with any portable media device.

  • Uses LED-based digital light source
  • Long lasting LED Lamp
  • Photo and movie player
  • HDMI Input
  • Wireless FM receiver
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