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The LG BH10LS30 is a Blu-Ray disc reader and writer.

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includes the CyberLink software suite - more than just a Blu-ray/DVD player

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good performance - takes less time to write data to discs when compared to competing writers of the same speed

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value - costs less than similar Blu-ray writers from competing manufacturers

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great for Blu-ray movie playback - compatible with all the major software-based players

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capable of recording Blu-ray discs at 10x speed - faster than most BD writers

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available with free 3D glasses from certain retailers

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not capable of being used at a full 10x for creating Blu-ray discs - only 6x BD-Rs are currently available

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mismatched aesthetics - comes with a jarring black/silver faceplate

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The LG BH10LS30 is a Blu-Ray disc reader and writer. This is an internal drive, built to be installed in a PC. It can read and write to double-layered Blu-Ray discs, creating data discs as well as video discs that can later be played in a standard player. DVD and CD formats are also supported, along with the ability to create video DVDs and audio CDs. When LightScribe discs are used, detailed text and graphics can be embossed on their tops using this drive and compatible software. Blu-Ray discs can be written to at 10x speed, and DVD discs at 16x. Connection to the computer is handled through Serial ATA technology, ensuring fast data transfers and uninterrupted burning.

  • Internal drive
  • Blu-Ray Disc Read and Write
  • DVD Read and Write
  • CD Read and Write
  • 10x BD-R Write Speed
  • 16x DVD+/- Write Speed
  • Serial ATA Technology
  • LightScribe Disc Labeling
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