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They both offer the same storage, but LG’s NAS is compatible with Windows, Linux, AND Mac platforms.

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reasonably priced

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integrated DVD burner for backing up or loading data from/to the device

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compatible with a variety of operating systems

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saves space, energy - does not require an online PC host to serve files over a home network

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slick aesthetic

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built in memory card reader and USB port for instantaneous backups

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Debian Lenny based - customizable and hackable for Geeks

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Active Directory support

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iTunes server support built in

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Network print server support

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Available with DVD or Blu-Ray drives

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Gigabit ethernet connection for fast wired network speeds

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Multiple community supported add-ons available for additional services

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only available up to 2GB in size

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Max individual drive size is currently 2TB x 2 drives

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limited to 2 drives - not compatible with more advanced RAID configurations

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Apple TimeMachine support is less than satisfactory

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The LG N2R1 is a wireless Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device announced by LG at the 2009 CEDIA EXPO as a direct competitor to Apple’s Time Capsule. They both offer the same storage, but LG’s NAS is compatible with Windows, Linux, AND Mac platforms. It includes a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) configuration for automatic backup/storage/replication of data — thereby ensuring that treasured family photos and music are kept safeguarded — and an integrated DVD player/rewriter. More importantly, it sports wireless 802.11g connectivity, allowing consumers access to the device through their pre-installed at-home network. Included also is a MyMedia feature, which enables users to directly access stored media through any DLNA-certified media player.

  • Network-Attached Storage
  • RAID configuration
  • DVD Player/Rewriter
  • 802.11g Wireless
  • MyMedia Feature
  • Win/Linux/Mac Compatibility
Model Options
  • LG N2R1 | 1TB - $299.00
  • LG N2R1 | 2TB - $399.00
Post Review
04/25/2011 09:19

Not sure what LG N2R1 the other people are talking about, but the one I bought does not have any built-in Wireless support at all, 802.11G or otherwise. Yes, it works on my wireless network - as will any other network device, but there is no built-in wireless networking technology in this device such as a wireless antenna, etc.

Having said that, it is an excellent value-for-price NAS with a lot of great features. I bought the base product from and purchased 2 2TB drives separately, set them up in full RAID configuration to provide 2TB of mirrored storage for my mixed Mac/Windows home office network. Were I not so worried about the security of my data for work purposes, I could easily setup a non-redundant configuration for a full 4TB of space, however, since I'm using it for my business I opted for safety over space.

As a true Geek, the biggest bonus to me is that the entire devices is Debian Lenny based. With a few simple (easily found & installed) mods, I can ssh into the server, edit configurations, install updates, tweak crons, setup my own custom services, pretty much do whatever I want to to hack out this box however I want to. There are also a ton of (unsupported!) addons that you can download and install via the handy web interface to expand the functionality that comes with the standard install.

The cons?

* Some of the implementations are a bit wonky (and not the Wonky server itself). Apple TimeMachine support is severely and serious limited at best - maybe I did it wrong, but I could not get it to support more than a single Mac machine, which pretty much blows when you have more than one Mac in the premises, unlike a TimeCapsule which can support as many as you like for the space you have available.
* The supposed built-in "Trash" feature is spotty, at best.
* USB backup support is still limited and leaves a lot to be desired.
* iSCSI support on the Mac is spotty at best. Never could get it working properly with Mac OSX Leopard or Snow Leopard

For all that, it's an amazingly great deal. Network storage, DLNA support, secure peace-of-mind storage & backup, iTunes server (works great!!), Windows backup, Windows Media server, Geek's delight for hackable NAS server, fully configurable, the list goes on. If you are looking for a good NAS (not a router, not a Wireless AP, a NAS) then this should be a good pick for you.

Milo Van Der Linden
01/21/2010 05:20

I love my new NAS! Just bought it at a local computer store. Excellent price, smooth design, quick setup, even without a router attached and thanks to the information display I could read out the IP-adres and access the admin-webpage from my linux desktop right away.

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