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It is a general purpose mobile device, with full web browsing and PMP functionality added to standard web services.

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Full QWERTY keyboard for messaging

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Tons of features (VCast, GPS, etc)

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Useful touch screen that works well

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have mobil TV access

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full html browser for internet

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No flash for camera

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ring volume and speaker phone volume could be louder

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Touchscreen isn't as refined as iPhone

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No WiFi

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Only 2MP camera

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Phone has to be flipped open to access most functions (like games, get it now)

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The LG Voyager (model name: VX10000) is a general purpose mobile device, with full web browsing and PMP functionality added to standard web services. It is a flip style, with phone calls and most functions on the outer touchscreen, and messaging and web browsing on the inner screen. Both screens are 2.81" LCDs at 400x240. Also included is a TV tuner that uses Verizon's VCast technology. Video and audio can be played back from the included storage or from the SD card slot that can accecpt MicroSDHC cards up to a capacity of 8GB. The Voyager runs on Verizon's 3G network and can be used as a USB or Bluetooth modem, but no WiFi compatibility is included. Furthermore, LG has packed in GPS navigation, including maps, into the unit.

Functionality is split between the outer and inner screens, with the inner screen being more responsible for sending text messages through the QWERTY keyboard. Alongside the touch screen and keyboard are traditional phone buttons used including volume controls that double as zoom options when using the 2MP camera. Similar to the LG Chocolate, the Voyager provids tactile vibration feedback when pressing the touch screen.

The following video gives a rundown of what the Voyager provides.

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05/15/2008 08:37

I have had this phone only a few days. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but most of which I probably would not use. The touch screen works well, but not totally accurate.

The ring volumes could be louder, and the vibration alert seems a little soft. Speaker phone volume also could be louder.

Over all though, I am happy with the phone. I would give it about an 8 out of 10.

12/13/2007 01:05

I played with one of these buggers, and really liked it. But after going through the actual specs, I'm less than impressed. Anybody who owns one, please add.

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