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This phone is one of many that makes the line between phone and everything thinner.

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5MP camera

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Innovative twist design

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$700 gets you a Blackberry 8800 without a service plan, and a 7.1 Canon Powershot.

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This phone is one of many that makes the line between phone and everything thinner. With an oddball twist format, the LG KG920 is as much of a camera as it is a phone. At 5MP, the KG920 does lack the resolution for any detail photography, but is much better than the 2MP that is typical of other phones. Strong media support and the ability to act as a mass storage device rounds out the KG920. Lacking PIM software that has become a cornerstone in sales of other high-end phones, the KG920 is marketed to media aficionados.

The KG920 achieves its dual-status through the twist design. Dividing the phone into quarters, each face of the phone serves a specific purpose, with each half of each face being further specialized. The keypad and camera lens share the same lower half, while the screen and battery share the top half. The camera system has an LED light, Xenon flash and lens cover. LG included controls for zoom, focus, and even ISO speeds between 100 and 400.

Post Review
12/21/2007 07:16

Makes it easier to take a picture of yourself? That is quite the good question to be honest. Seems pretty overkill.

12/21/2007 02:26

What is the point of the twistable top??

12/19/2007 01:37

Someone fix my attempt at fancy spelling. >_ Damn, this thing is pricey. Neat, though.

Mark Smith
11/27/2006 06:33

This phone to cool to have. I have bought it for my Brother as his birthday is comming. But Now I am In 2 minds should i give it or not. is the best for providing good service to their customers. Thanks Alot

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