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The LG KF900, also known as the Prada II, is a very high-end fashion phone.

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WiFi connects easily and gets a fast connection

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built quality is solid, nothing loose or poorly installed

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functions work smoothly without any noticeable lag

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takes high quality pictures and video, everything in high detail and sharp

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attractive and sophisticated design, smooth finish

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email setup is awkward, doesn't update very quickly and it's hard to work with

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doesn't have instant messaging applications like AIM or MSN

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The LG KF900, also known as the Prada II, is a very high-end fashion phone. Its main claim to fame is the fact that its designed by the famous fashion brand, which is proudly displayed on the front of the phone. The KF900 also sychs with a special Bluetooth Prada watch, called the Prada Link, which, aside from telling time, also displays text messages and incoming calls. Calls can be silenced or rejected via the watch as well. Looks aside, this handset also features a five megapixel camera, slide-out qwerty keyboard, Wi-Fi and 3G internet access, full internet browsing, media player, document viewer, touchscreen with multitouch and accelerometer. Both the branding and features put the Prada II in the upper reaches of LG's price range, and make the phone geared towards those with high-fashion taste and deep pockets.

  • 3.0" display, 240 x 400 pixels, multitouch
  • 5 MP camera, flash, auto-focus, image stabilization, secondary video call lens
  • multimedia player (MP3, MP4, WMA, RA, RV, and others)
  • document viewer
  • wireless internet, 3G
  • 60 MB internal memory, Micro SD reader compatible with up to 8 GB cards
  • dimensions: 4.11" x 2.13" x 0.66"
  • weight: 4.59 oz
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