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The LG KF300 is an mid-range clamshell handset, and is the GSM version of the CDMA-only SV300 phone.

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Built-in FM radio tuner--something rarely seen in modern phones.

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Great call quality--large, loud earpiece allows voices to come through clearly.

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Excellent dialpad--numbers are twice the size of the average phone, big easy-to-press buttons.

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Solid construction--durable plastic, sturdy hinges, very thin.

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Well thought out interface--each item on the menu sports a corresponding hard key for quick access.

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Built-in camera is practically useless--shots are grainy and washed out in all conditions.

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The texting and dialing interfaces aren't as well laid out as the rest of the phone--both are somewhat awkward.

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Menu icons sport small font that can't be adjusted like the rest of the system's fonts.

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Visually unappealing--two-row clock on the front looks clunky.

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The LG KF300 is an mid-range clamshell handset, and is the GSM version of the CDMA-only SV300 phone. The KF300 has buttons and characters nearly twice regular size, as well as large interface elements (character size on the screen can be adjusted) and speakers. The ease with which the phone can be read and heard as well as the large buttons all make the KF300 a very ergonomically friendly phone, which makes it attractive to a more 'mature' market. The exterior of the upper half of the phone also conceals a 128 x 160 pixel display, which becomes visible through the finish when activated. Compared to many of the other ergonomically-geared handsets, the KF300 has quite a strong feature set.

  • clamshell design
  • GSM Quad-band network connectivity
  • 200 hour standby battery life, 2 hour talk time battery life
  • MP3 player
  • FM radio
  • Micro SD card reader
  • 2 MP camera
  • black or pink exterior
  • dimensions: 3.89" x 1.95" x 0.64"
  • weight: 3.46 oz
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