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The LG KE800, also known as the Chocolate Platinum, is an update on the LG Chocolate (KG800) slider phone.

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screen is bright and clear, very easy to read in all light

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built-in audio cues when navigating the menus are cool sounding, well designed

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beautiful design, sharp angles and sleek surfaces

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microphone isn't very sensitive, have to speak loudly and clearly

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speaker phone function is so quiet it isn't worth using

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system tends to lag a bit when navigating menus

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camera "flash" function is a light that turns on and stays on

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battery tends to wear out fairly quickly

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screen is a little delicate, can't take an impact without breaking

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many functions on the phone are hard to figure out how to access

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The LG KE800, also known as the Chocolate Platinum, is an update on the LG Chocolate (KG800) slider phone. Marketed as a fashion phone, it has a high-gloss finish over the entire case, a checkered keypad and a heat sensitive touchpad which glows red when the phone is slid open, elements which are all intended to maximize the phone's aesthetic appeal. Combined with this handset's strong feature set, it is positioned as a mid to high-end phone, intended for those wanting both form and function. The Chocolate Platinum adds silver or gold detailing, a 2.0 megapixel auto-focusing camera, a 320x240 pixel screen, FM radio and memory card support up to 2 gigabytes to the original Chocolate's features. The KE800 also comes with an updated user interface.  touched, and the metallic band under the screen says "Chocolate", "Black Label", or "Limited Edition". (Limited edition phones have 14k gold detailing.) Lithium Ion battery provides a 270 hour standby time, or 6 hours of talk time.

  • dimensions: 3.78" x 1.89" x 0.65"
  • weight: 3.35 oz
  • 270-hour standby battery life, 6-hour talk time battery life
  • 2.0 MP camera with auto-focus and flash
  • 55 megs of RAM
  • compatible with up to 2 gig memory cards (micro SD)
  • GSM triband network compatibility
  • bluetooth, UBS, GPRS connectivity
  • slides open to reveal keypad
  • 320x240 pixel screen resolution
  • SMS, EMS, MMS, Email messaging types
  • 1000 phone book entries, 40 missed, 40 dialed and 40 received calls
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