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The LG LFA840 is a compact audio system designed to give high quality sound wherever you need.

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sound is full and complete, has great depth

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charges the iPod while its on the dock

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plenty of bass support, can output some good low-range volume

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quick sound staging functions (rock, jazz, stage, etc...) give the audio a lot of shape, make it more interesting

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very easy to set up, everything is well labelled

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remote is small enough to toss in your pocket

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controls are fairly easy to use once you get used to them

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not audiophile-quality sound, lacks some clarity in some areas

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The LG LFA840 is a compact audio system designed to give high quality sound wherever you need.  The system comprises of a CD player and two 3-way 80W speakers. The system is only 6.7" x 10.2" x 8.9" and each speaker measures 5.1" x 9.5" x 11.6" making this an extremely compact system.  This system is nearly identical in appearance to the LG LFD850, which is a micro sized DVD home theater system.  The LG LFA840 is capable of playing standard music CDs as well as MP3 and WMA CDs.  It can also be connected directly to an iPod and the convinient USB port and 3.5 mm input jack give added connectivity.  You can also go old school and listen to AM or FM radio with built in tuner and included antennas.

  • Output Power - Front: 80W x 2
  • Speaker Type Book Shelf Type: 2 Ch Speaker
Audio Playbacack Formats
  • Disc Capacity: 1
  • CD-R/RW
  • MP3 Audio
  • WMA Audio
  • Sound Modes - 2 channel (DSP): 9
  • Audio Tuner Band: FM/AM
  • FM Tuner Range (100kHz): 87.50 ~ 108.00 MHz
  • AM Tuner Range (10kHz): 520 ~ 1720kHz
  • Radio Tuner Presets: 50
  • Headphone Jack
  • USB (A) Port
  • Mini Stereo Jack Input (3.5mm) for Portable Audio
  • FM Antenna Input
  • AM Antenna Input
  • Speaker Output Type/Number: Push-in /2
Supplied Accessories
  • Remote Control Type: Mini
  • LG Made for iPod Connector Cable: Made for iPod Direct Dock
  • Battery (Size): AAA (1)
  • User Manual English
  • Warranty Card
  • Customer Registration Card
  • FM Antenna
  • AM Antenna
  • Front Panel Display
  • Front Panel Color: Glossy Black
  • Main Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 6.7" x 10.2" x 8.9"
  • Front Speakers Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.1" x 9.5" x 11.6"
  • Weight: 25.1 lbs (net)
  • Dimensions w/packaging: 22.1" x 13.1" x 12.7"
  • Weight in packing: 28.2 lbs
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02/28/2010 04:28

LG sucks, hiding behind and citing 1year warranty on lightly used system, no resolve, they just don't care, stay away from LG

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