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The LHB975 is one of the home theater systems new from LG in 2010.

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subwoofer is wireless, can be plugged into any power outlet

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easy to assemble and physically set up

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streaming online services such as Netflix, Pandora and YouTube are fast and easy to set up

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sound quality is excellent, especially for the price

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the 5.1 surround setup is very effective, sounds high quality

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some static audible in rear speakers when the sound is quiet

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rear speakers need to be connected to a box with a wire

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The LHB975 is one of the home theater systems new from LG in 2010. Though the focus of this home theater system is Blu-ray media, the LG LHB975 is capable of playing many kinds of media, from regular DVDs (which will be up-scaled) to CDs to streamed network content. The WiFi capability of the LHB975 makes streaming content easy. The wireless speaker technology makes it so you can mount the speakers wherever you want (with included wall mounts). This wireless technology also makes for easy set-up and use. All the speakers in the LHB975 home theater system have a silk dome over the tweeter (Silk Dome technology), which balances the high end. The speakers are tall and slim, so that they are a space-saver when compared to the usual box design.  

  • Three-channel wireless speaker technology
  • Tall and slim front speakers
  • Supports NetFlix, VUDU, CinemaNow, YouTube, Pandora, Picasa and AccuWeather
  • WiFi capability
  • Advanced audio decoding (Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential)
  • Silk Dome speaker technology
  • iPod docking capability
  • DLNA certified
  • Dual HDMI inputs
Post Review
07/13/2011 11:19

Speakers connected to the main blu-ray receiver works fine but the faux wireless router that is supposed to connect the wireless subwoofer and wired rear speakers to the main receiver worked for 1 month and then died never to work again. I am in warranty purgatory with LG customer service right now as I am constantly shipping back and forth the wireless router that they claim they fixed only to have it die again after a week or two of usage. Worst home theater in a box package I ever bought and I have been regretting my purchase ever since.

11/13/2010 12:48

Excellent Product It does take soem understanding the BluRay Concept but it is like being int he MOVIE theater My Fav....

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