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The PET729/37 is an entry-level portable DVD/DTV player from Philips.

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setup is simple and intuitive, no instructions needed

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sound is better than average for a unit of this size

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typically gets every channel on a cable system in a few minutes

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screen angle is not forgiving, need to be looking at it just right

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remote doesn't control the volume

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included antenna is very weak, even a cheap replacement gets much better reception

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can't be turned on or off from the remote

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The PET729/37 is an entry-level portable DVD/DTV player from Philips. This product features a 7-inch LCD screen, an ATSC tuner and an external antenna. Compared to the more expensive Philips PET749/37, this model has a lower resolution screen and less powerful sound output. This model also lacks 180-degree swivel functionality. The screen features a 480 x 234 pixel resolution screen, which is capable of producing average image quality given the unit’s overall size. The DVD portion of the PET729/37 is compatible with a wide range of disc formats, including MP3 CDs and DVD+/-R recordable discs. For sound, Dolby Digital and 320 kbps MP3s are fully supported. The built-in tuner supports the digital television standard ATSC (unscrambled), and comes with an external, detachable antenna to maximize reception capabilities. Users of this product can expect about 3 hours from the built-in battery.

  • 7” LCD screen
  • 480 x 234 pixel resolution
  • ATSC tuner
  • External antenna
  • Video: DVD, SVCD, Video CD
  • DVD+/-R/RW, MP3-CD, CD-R/CD-RW, CD
  • Picture CD
  • AV output: Composite
  • Built-in battery
  • Battery life: up to 3 hours
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