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The LG DP570MH is a portable DTV and DVD player, originally announced at CES 2010.

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build quality - feels sturdy and well constructed

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great for emergencies and power outages

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value - integrates a DVD player and a MDTV receiver

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lacks an ATSC tuner - only capable of receiving MDTV signals

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the remote control takes the 'watch-type' batteries - not AAAs

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poor receiver sensitivity - users in remote regions will have trouble getting a signal

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no external antenna jack

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the antenna is very thin and delicate

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The LG DP570MH is a portable DTV and DVD player, originally announced at CES 2010. This product features a 7-inch widescreen display and stereo speakers. Users can get a maximum of 4.5 hours of battery life when using the DP570MH on-the-go.

The LG DP570MH utilizes mobile DTV technology, which is different than the standard ATSC digital TV signal commonly used with HDTVs. This portable player makes it possible to receive television signals while in a car or on a fast moving train. The screen is capable of a 480 x 234 pixel resolution, has built-in speakers and two headphone jacks. DVD playback is also included, allowing for movie watching just about anywhere. Touch keys are built into the bezel, however a remote control is also included. Users can expect to get about 2.5 hours of battery life in TV mode, and 4.5 hours in DVD mode. An AC and car adapter is included in the box.

  • 7” widescreen LCD display
  • 480 x 234 pixel resolution
  • Stereo speakers
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • DVD playback
  • Touch keys
  • Battery: 2.5 hours (DTV), 4.5 hours (DVD)
  • Included AC & car adapters
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