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The LG LSB316 is a basic sound system with a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer.

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Can go loud enough to service larger rooms with no distortion.

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Decent sound quality for a soundbar of this price.

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Setup is very easy--practically plug and play.

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Basic visual aesthetic that blends well with most HDTVs.

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Wireless subwoofer can be placed out of sight.

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Includes a bracket for wall mounting.

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Dialogue is a bit low/drowned out with Blu-rays.

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Can sound a bit staticky in some situations.

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The LG LSB316 is a basic sound system with a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer. It is designed to complement a HD TV offering a step up in sound quality from the TV's built-in speakers. This 2.1 system provides up to 280W of power through it's high quality speakers using silk dome speaker technology. The LSB316 can be used for more than just a TV set, it can be connected to cell phones or computers via bluetooth; meaning music can be streamed wirelessly from other devices. The sound bar system also include other input options such as optical audio in and 3.5mm jack. The system supports a wide range of audio formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS-HD Master Audio. The LG LSB316 is a flexible and well priced 2.1 sound bar system; a good option for anyone looking for a simple living room sound system. 

Features / Specifications
  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • Wirelss Subwoofer
  • Silk9 Dome Speaker technology
  • 280W 2.1ch Virtual Surround Sound
  • Wall mountable
  • Remote control inc.
  • Optical audio in
  • 3.5mm audio in
  • 1 year warranty
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