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Thermal Inkjet, 4 color + black. Software & Drivers plus AC Cord and one low yield cartridge included.

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Spyware / Malware included in the drivers

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  • Thermal Inkjet
  • 4 Color + Black
  • Black Waterproof (Optional)
  • 6 Color Photo (optional)
  • Draft Black - 22 PPM
  • Draft Color - 17 PPM
  • Normal Black - 12 PPM
  • Normal Color - 5 PPM
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi Black
  • 4800 x 4800 dpi Color
  • 20LB paper (100 sheets)
  • Most photo papers to 5 x 7
  • All normal cardstocks and Envelopes
  • USB 2.0
  • Windows XP and later
  • Mac OS X (10.3) and later
  • 3,000 PPM duty cycle
  • High Yield Cartridges available
  • Software & Drivers plus AC Cord and one low yield cartridge included
  • Lexmark Photo Suite and Toolbars 

NOTE: Drivers install malware / spyware, type software that reports information back to (Beware)

Post Review
08/01/2008 12:13

No compres Lexmark 1300 o ningun modelo, son una estafa porque los cartuchos se bloquean y no hay forma de reusarlos aunque los recargues. El cartucho nuevo es mas costoso que comprar otra impresora que seguira instalando sofware espia en tu PC hasta que pase algo grave.

I Am That I Am
03/29/2008 10:21


Along with the spyware issue, there is a 'brain' in the cartridge and refilling it will not reset the cartridge. The replacement cartridges costs as much as the original printer.


02/17/2008 04:09

BEWARE installs SPYWARE! and is a very crappy printer

12/21/2007 06:17

I bought this printer on sale at Walmart for a simple spit it out black ink printer. I have a Canon I860 for fancy stuff.

I would NOT recommend this printer to anyone who is not a hard core computer type that can stop all the spyware the drivers install. Yes you heard me it installs spyware or malware.

Having good photo editing software I decided to install the drivers only, Kaspersky gave me lots of warnings on the modifications for the drivers on install so I took note of them. I also took note of all the firewall exceptions the drivers tried to make; so I could block that communications back to Lexmark. I cannot remember and do not have the list of them in front of me, but of all registry (Startup programs) and other changes only ONE was needed to make the printer work. All other 'Drivers' were blocked and denied the ability to run through Kaspersky, and all firewall exceptions were taken out (IE: I fire-walled anything already there and prevented exceptions by the drivers for anything I may have missed in the one driver needed).
Even then however when that driver exits it tries to load a timestamp program that communicates with Lexmark's website (and you have to use TaskMan to kill it). From what I read out there this is Lexmark trying to keep track of your printing, and refilling any of their cartridges (and no telling what other nefarious details).

While the printer works for what I wanted, a simple print it out and no bells or whistles, overall the spyware / malware included with the install makes the printer total cr@p. Save your self a LOT of problems and get a cheap model printer from a reliable company like Canon, HP, Epson, etc...

I don't even know if I would suggest this printer to George Bush, or other hated types like that.

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