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The E350d is the most basic model in Lexmark's E350 series of monochrome laser printers.

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setup and operation are intuitive, no instructions necessary

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excellent compatibility with multiple operating systems

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durable, reliable construction that seems like it will last for years

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prints multiple page documents very quickly, speed is excellent

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text prints come out extremely sharp and professional, can give them to clients without hezitation

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can load a full ream of paper at a time, much easier to reload than most printers

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starts printing almost as soon as it gets a print job

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big and bulky design, takes up a bit more room than the average medium-duty printer

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The E350d is the most basic model in Lexmark's E350 series of monochrome laser printers. The fairly compact printer is aimed at offices, college students, and others seeking a relatively fast and cheap way to print text documents. In tests, the E350d printed text documents at over 24 pages per minute, significantly faster than competitors. While all three E350 models feature integrated duplex printing and a quiet mode, the E350d lacks the wired networking option of the E352dn and E450dn. Its cartridge is also smaller, holding 1500 pages, but can be expanded. Lexmark has attempted to minimize the environmental impact of the E350d with features like EcoMode, which saves toner.

  • Monochrome laser printing
  • 366MHz processor
  • 32 MB standard memory (expandable to 160 MB)
  • 2-line monochrome LCD display
  • Text print speeds up to 35 ppm (tested: 24.13 ppm)
  • 6.5 seconds to first page
  • Built-in duplexer
  • 250-sheet paper drawer
  • 1500-page cartridge, expandable
  • Print resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Mac, Linux, and PC support
  • Print noise level: 52 dBA (48 dBA in Quiet Mode)
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