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Comes with a relaxed fit, which includes a straight cut leg and an easy fit in the thigh and seat area.

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The fit is very comfortable

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These jeans are well made

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They fit well if you are big or tall

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The sizing can be inconsistent

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This Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Leg Jean comes with a relaxed fit, which includes a straight cut leg and an easy fit in the thigh and seat area. They are made of machine washable cotton and sit under the waist. These jeans have a zipper and button closure and five pockets. They come in many colors and sizes. 

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  • Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Zip fly and button closure
  • Sits below waist
  • 18" leg opening
  • A relaxed fit through the seat and thigh for that classic no-nonsense style
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Size: 28W x 30L, 28W x 32L, 29W x 30L, 29W x 32L, 29W x 34L, 30W x 29L, 30W x 30L, 30W x 32L, 30W x 34L, 30W x 36L, 31W x 30L, 31W x 32L, 31W x 34L, 31W x 36L, 32W x 29L, 32W x 30L, 32W x 32L, 32W x 34L, 32W x 36L, 32W x 38L, 33W x 29L, 33W x 30L, 33W x 32L, 33W x 34L, 33W x 36L, 34W x 29L, 34W x 30L, 34W x 32L, 34W x 33L, 34W x 34L, 34W x 36L, 34W x 38L, 35W x 30L, 35W x 32L, 35W x 34L, 36W x 29L, 36W x 30L, 36W x 31L, 36W x 32L, 36W x 33L, 36W x 34L, 36W x 36L, 36W x 38L, 38W x 29L, 38W x 30L, 38W x 31L, 38W x 32L, 38W x 34L, 38W x 36L, 38W x 36L B&T, 38W x 38L, 40W x 29L, 40W x 30L, 40W x 32L, 40W x 34L, 40W x 36L, 40W x 38L, 42W x 29L, 42W x 30L, 42W x 32L, 42W x 34L, 42W x 34L B&T, 42W x 36L, 42W x 38L, 44W x 29L, 44W x 29L B&T, 44W x 30L, 44W x 32L, 44W x 32L B&T, 44W x 34L, 44W x 36L, 46W x 29L, 46W x 30L, 46W x 32L, 46W x 34L, 48W x 29L, 48W x 30L, 48W x 32L, 48W x 34L, 50W x 29L, 50W x 30L, 50W x 32L, 50W x 34L, 52W x 29L, 52W x 29L B&T, 52W x 30L, 52W x 30L B&T, 52W x 32L, 52W x 34L, 54W x 29L, 54W x 30L, 54W x 32L, 56W x 30L, 56W x 32L, 58W x 30L, 58W x 32L, 60W x 30L, 60W x 32L

Color: Range, Indie Blue, Tumbled Rigid, Midnight Oil, Standardize, Subzero, Sub-Zero, Blue collar, Andi, Indigo Wash, Tumbled Merlin, Black, Light Weight Grey, Blue Frost, Rebuilt Dark, House Cat, Hawthorne, Overhaul, Super Ash

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