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A straight cut in the leg and seat, and a regular fit. This pair of jeans is made of machine washable cotton.

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They are well-made and durable jeans

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They have a good fit and many sizes to choose from

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The material is thinner than it was on the same product in the past

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This Levi’s Men’s 501 Jean has a straight cut in the leg and seat, and a regular fit. This pair of jeans is made of machine washable cotton and closes with a button fly. They sit at the waist and include five pockets. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. 

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  • 100% cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Five-pocket design
  • Button fly
  • Sits at waist
  • 17" / 17.78 cm leg opening
  • Regular fit and straight leg cut
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Size: 28W x 30L, 28W x 32L, 29W x 30L, 29W x 32L, 29W x 34L, 30W x 29L, 30W x 30L, 30W x 32L, 30W x 34L, 30W x 36L, 31W x 30L, 31W x 32L, 31W x 34L, 31W x 36L, 32W x 29L, 32W x 30L, 32W x 32L, 32W x 34L, 32W x 36L, 32W x 38L, 33W x 29L, 33W x 30L, 33W x 32L, 33W x 34L, 33W x 36L, 34W x 29L, 34W x 30L, 34W x 32L, 34W x 34L, 34W x 36L, 34W x 38L, 35W x 30L, 35W x 32L, 35W x 34L, 36W x 29L, 36W x 30L, 36W x 32L, 36W x 34L, 36W x 36L, 36W x 38L, 38W x 29L, 38W x 30L, 38W x 32L, 38W x 34L, 38W x 36L, 38W x 38L, 40W x 29L, 40W x 30L, 40W x 32L, 40W x 34L, 40W x 36L, 40W x 38L, 42W x 29L, 42W x 30L, 42W x 32L, 42W x 34L, 42W x 36L, 42W x 38L, 44W x 29L, 44W x 30L, 44W x 32L, 44W x 34L, 44W x 36L, 46W x 30L, 46W x 32L, 46W x 34L, 48W x 30L, 48W x 32L, 48W x 34L, 50W x 30L, 50W x 32L, 50W x 34L, 52W x 30L, 52W x 32L, 52W x 34L, 54W x 30L, 54W x 32L, 56W x 30L, 56W x 32L, 58W x 30L, 58W x 32L, 60W x 30L, 60W x 32L, 38W x 36L B&T, 42W x 34L B&T, 44W x 30L B&T, 44W x 32L B&T
Color: Medium Stonewash, Black, Dark Stonewash, Clean Fume, Light Stonewash, Rinse, Blue Mist, Iconic Black, New Metal, Clean Rigid, Café, Hospital Scrubs, Smokey Blue-Garment Dye, Timberwolf, Union Blue, 18 Months Green, Ivy Green-Garment Dye, Light Mist, Tidal Blue, Cordovan-Garment Dye, Drainpipe, White, Neutral Gray, Chewey White, Polished Black, Dimensional Rigid, Steam Blue, On The Decks, Mushroom, Optic White, Graphite, Beat Up, Rough and Tumbled, Iced Glass, Froggy, AV Coated, Green Goblin
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