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The Lepow S+ technology reaches high standards for safety, smart, strong, and speedy.

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The Lepow S+ technology reaches high standards for safety, smart, strong, and speedy. It provides portable chargers with a high quality and excellent charging experience. With the Lepow S+, the standard of portable chargers has reached a new level.

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Charging Speeds

  • Fully recharge the Moonstone 6000 in 7 hours 
  • iPhone 5 ~ 3 times 
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 ~ 2.5 times 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ~ 1.5 times 
  • New iPad ~ 0.4 times 
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  • Colorful glossy finish enhances the user experience 
  • The ergonomic shape allows it to fit perfectly in your hand 
  • 4 LED lights shine with a press of a button to indicate battery life
  • Safety performance increases up to 90% with lithium polymer batteries 2)Smart Chip technology has two-way protection between the devices and charger
  • Intelligent control optimally charges your phone 2)It intelligently adapts to any devices' charging intake capacity 3)It is perfectly compatible with almost all mobile devices
  • Up to 90% of the conversion rate on the circuit board end and a high density lithium polymer battery provide you with as much as 1000 charging life cycles
  • Fastest charging output in the industry. Designed to charge compatible devices to their optimal maximum current, it provides you with the experience of the fastest charging as if using an adapter
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  • iPad 1 2, New iPad, iPad Air Mini, iPhone 6 6Plus 5S 5C 5 4S 4 * Please use the original 8Pin/30Pin cable from Apple 
  • Samsung/HTC/LG/Nokia/Google 
  • Google Nexus 7/Kindle/Android Tablets
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Colorful and sleek design

The Moonstone comes in 5 different colors and is coated with lacquer for a beautiful shine.

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Share Power With Friends

The two output ports allows you to charge two devices at once so you can charge your devices faster. You can even let your friend use it and not sacrifice your phone’s power needs.

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Color Options

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Apple Green
  • Glossy Black
  • Yellow Duck
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • While charging my phone in my purse it got really hot. What's up with that?

    Its happening because electricity is being transferred and with it being in an enclosed space (your purse) the heat from it charging your phone has no were to go so it continues to build hotter and hotter.

  • What happens when the battery pack/charger loses it's power? Do you recharge it or change the battery?

    You just need to recharge it. It come with a charging cable.

  • Does it charge Kindle Fire HD and Regular Kindle Fire, samsung cell phones?

    It charges tablets, phones and Bluetooth speakers with it. As long as you have the cable, it with give a charging current.

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