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The Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 is a compact Nettop PC with media entertainment in mind.

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runs on very little power

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stays cool without loud cooling systems

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remote is efficiently laid out, works consistently without a problem

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very slim, stand takes up little space

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display is difficult to work with, lacks detail at any resolution, blurred edges

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remote is difficult to see in the dark, buttons are all darkened and labeling is faint

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noise is clearly audible through the audio out, worse when video quality is raised to 1080p

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The Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 is a compact Nettop PC with media entertainment in mind.  The Q150 is a small design of 0.8 by 6.8 by 6 inches and the chassis can be propped up vertically by a mount.  The Q150 contains an NVIDIA ION 512MB Graphics Processor, HDMI in/out support, and JBL speakers with Dolby Home Theatre.  The Q150 sports 4 USB ports, 2 in the back and 2 hidden in the front.  The Lenovo Q150 contains an integrated high-speed 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Lenovo Rescue System for speed and easy recovery.  Additionally, The Q150 features an optional multimedia remote with an integrated track ball and mini keyboard to assist multi-tasking with programs.

The Lenovo Q150 comes standard with an Intel GMA 3150 graphics card, a 160GB hard drive, and 2GB of DDR2 memory.  The Q150 also mounts to the back of monitors using VESA bracket compatibility to make TV hook up more wire friendly.

Key Features
  • 0.8 by 6.8 by 6 inches
  • Extremely Compact
  • Vertical Clear Plastic Stand and VESA Bracket Compatibility
  • NVIDIA ION 512MB Graphics Processor
  • HDMI in/out Support
  • Dolby Home Theatre Speakers
  • Intel GMA 3150 Graphics
  • Front and Rear USB Ports (4 Total)
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Optional Multimedia Remote
  • Uses Less Energy Than a 14-Watt Bulb
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