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The IdeaPad S10 is Lenovo's answer to the netbook phenomena.

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frequent price cuts

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Multi-touch touchpad is unique among competitors

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Good chassis construction

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Good screen

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Hard drive performance is good

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Runs quite hot

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Smaller keyboard than competitors

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poor battery options compared to competitors

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not available in some countries (such as Canada)

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constant upgrades to the units features and prices may upset recent buyers or confuse consumers who are in the market

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The IdeaPad S10 is Lenovo's answer to the netbook phenomena. Featuring a 10" LED backlit screen, and coming in at just over two pounds, the S10 presents the golden mean between usability and mobility. Priced around the $400 mark, the S10 will target those interested in a mobile machine less cumbersome and delicate than a laptop. Not meant to replace a user's primary computer or laptop, the S9 comes with a single core 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB DDR2 ram, and a 80gb HDD (a 160GB model is also available - see details for further information). While not the latest in cutting edge technology, this allows Lenovo to provide a small and light machine at a low end-user cost.

A large capacity update in early December 2008  features double the memory and disk drive space (now 1GB and 160GB). This has pushed prices down $50-$80 depending on the model. The cheaper basic black and white models now sell for $349, while the more colourful versions are now $359.

A January 2009 update has given the S10 the Lenovo QuickStart (a quick-boot operating system that gives users nearly instantaneous access to a browser and a number of rudimentary tools), an upgraded multi-touch trackpad, Lenovo's one key rescue system, as well as VeriFace (a facial verification tool used to unlock windows/specific files the user chooses to encrypt). In the same update, Lenovo has also included access to Lenovo Social - a web portal that gives users easy access to a variety of popular social resources such as Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc...

  • Platform: Intel 45nm Atom
  • Multi-touch touchpad
  • Graphics: 10.2" LED Widescreen (1024x600)
  • Network connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) 1Gb Ethernet Card
  • I/O & Expansion: VGA, 2 x USB2, Power jack, Ethernet, headphone/microphone ports, 85% keyboard, SD card reader
  • Battery: 3-cell, 6-cell options, up to 6 hours battery life
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