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The Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E420s is the second iteration of 14 inch Thinkpad Edge notebooks.

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affordable price point for a ThinkPad

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lightweight at 4.1 pounds

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slot-loading optical drive

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outfitted with the latest Sandy Bridge processors

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multi-touch trackpad and TrackPoint (nub) mouse emulation

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minimalist ThinkPad aesthetic - matte black display cover

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HD webcam

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world famous ThinkPad keyboard

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edge-to-edge glass panel over the display

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a cheapening of the ThinkPad brand (Edge) - lower build quality / durability, might eventually lead to a lower standing in the world

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fewer customizations than other ThinkPad lines

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consumer 16:9 1366 x 768px display - no upgrade options

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The Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E420s is the second iteration of 14 inch Thinkpad Edge notebooks. The E420s has improved components including second generation Intel Core i series processors as well as a switchable graphics option between an AMD dedicated HD6630 graphics and an Intel Integrated graphics processor. A welcoming change to the Edge E420s is the lid: the previous glossy black surface (easily scratched) is now replaced with a matte black lid. It is also lighter and thinner than the previous model. Features that remained include the Thinklight (keyboard light), the trackpoint, and the renowned Thinkpad keyboard. Whilst the Thinkpad Edge brand might be targeted towards the budget business notebook market, the E420's hardware to matche up against several premium consumer class notebooks' media performance thanks to its powerful processors (up to 2.7GHz Core i7) and dedicated graphics card. The Thinkpad Edge E420s is an option for those seeking a powerful media notebook that will also fit within a business environment. 

Features / Specifications
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • 14.0'' LCD display
  • Intel 2nd Generation Core i3/i5/i7 processors
  • Intel integrated graphics, AMD Radeon HD6630 dedicated graphics
  • Up to 8GB ram
  • Up to 320GB hard drive, Lenovo RapidDrive solid state drive options avialable
  • Slot load DVD Drive
  • 1x eSATA/USB combo port, 2x USB2.0, HDMI output, Built-in webcam
  • Ethernet, Wireless b/g/n
  • 1 year business warranty
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