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The Lenovo G570 is a mid-range to high-end notebook laptop similar to the Lenovo G470.

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Brushed aluminum wrist rest feels great, adds a touch of class.

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good performance for an entry-level device

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HDMI output

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Powerful, yet energy efficient, Sandy Bridge processor options.

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Sleek, smooth chassis design with brown and black colour options.

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comfortable, fully-sized chiclet style keyboard

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Decent battery life (about 5 1/2 hours of regular use).

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budget price point

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Very good display quality--bright, vibrant with good viewing angles.

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improved touchpad over the previous generation

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Built-in speakers are subpar even for laptop speakers--tinny and flat.

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Glossy plastic casing picks up fingerprints and dust easily.

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no USB 3.0 ports

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display is low resolution (1366 x 768px - the same as some 11.6" models), looks washed out

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cheap looking glossy plastic lid - picks up fingerprints, dust and scratches

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not customizable like Lenovo's higher-end series

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The Lenovo G570 is a mid-range to high-end notebook laptop similar to the Lenovo G470. The sole difference between the two laptops is screen size--the G570 boasts a 15.6" LCD display, the G470 a 14" display. Otherwise, the G570 and G470 sport the same basic features, including: Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2 technology, 2nd generation Intel Core i processor options, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, up to 750GB of storage and AMD Radeon 6370M graphics.

The G570's Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2 technology is designed to work with Windows 7 to improve multimedia performance while speeding up shutdown and startup times. Its 2nd generation Intel Core i processor options allow the G570 to easily handle typical day-to-day and multimedia use even at the lowest configurations while consuming less battery life than 1st gen Core i processors. Meanwhile, the G570's AMD Radeon 6370M graphics offer high definition media playback while offering light to moderate gaming performance.


  • 15.6" LCD HD display (1366 x 768)
  • 2nd generation Intel Core i processor options
  • Up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Up to 750GB of storage
  • AMD Radeon 6370M graphics
  • Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2 technology
  • 2.0 megapixel webcam
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