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The Lenovo G460 is a mid-range laptop computer intended for a February 2010 release.

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HDMI output

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HDMI & VGA outputs

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6-cell battery standard for up to 5 hours of use on the go

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features the latest and greatest CPU architecture from Intel - more energy efficient and powerful than previous generations, competing offerings from AMD

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affordable price point

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ample memory and drive capacity standard

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poor touchpad - unresponsive and poor tactile feel

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Lack of USB ports. Two is nowhere near enough in this age of USB everything.

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not as well known as Lenovo's world famous ThinkPad line

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not configurable from the manufacturer - unlike Lenovo's professional ThinkPad line

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The Lenovo G460 is a mid-range laptop computer intended for a February 2010 release. The laptop is designed with an average user in mind for basic, average computer tasks such as office programs, word processors, internet use, audio, video, and some very basic gaming capabilities. It should be noted that while this system is capable of some gaming programs, it is limited to only those released several years prior to its release. The laptop's hardware consists of the 2010 Intel Core Processor line-up, up to 8GB of RAM, integrated graphics options, and up to 500GB of hard drive space. The system's manufacture has a focus on a thin, portable shape and includes automatic system control to increase battery life and reduce noise and heat created by the laptop. The price of this system depends on the quantity and quality of components chosen at the time of purchase. Among the two new entries in Lenovo's G-Series, the G460 has the smaller screen size of 14 inches.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • weight: TBA
  • battery life: TBA
  • 14 inch widescreen display
  • Intel Core Processor; Turbo Boost
  • up to 8GB DDR3 memory
  • up to 500GB of storage space
  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • integrated graphics; HD capable
  • HDMI connectors for high definition output
  • Lenovo Energy Management intended to increase battery life
  • warranty: TBA
Post Review
08/16/2011 10:58

g460 laptop has good features like those any other laptops. the veriface is good because i dont have to use my fingers typing the password. for those having problems with veriface, you have to change the setting of your webcam. put more contrast or brightness so that you can see your face clearly and the veriface will work properly. dont forget to have adequate lighting or else it wont work....

Ziadulkhair Xiad
10/03/2010 01:16

can i upgrade my g460 graphic card that is intel gma hd to nvidia geforce or ati radeon??

Mike R.
09/28/2010 11:44

I purchased the Lenovo G460 with the i5 2.4GHz CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB 7200RPM HDD (an upgrade option on their website), Standard Intel HD graphics and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit edition in August when Lenovo had a one day sale on their website for $499 on this model. To date I have not had any issues with the laptop itself. My use is daily usually between four and ten hours a day continuous, so it gets a good daily workout. I don't know why people complain about the veriface's rather simple, if you don't like it...don't use it. It takes all of four minutes to uninstall that software via add-remove software in Windows and your problem is solved. You can still set boot and log in passwords if you are paranoid about people seeing your The touch pad is different than most people are used to and might take some getting used to for some, I have yet to experience an issue with it to date. The laptop does get warm when the ambient room temp is above 80F (26C), however it still does not get anywhere near as hot as the previous Lenovo laptop which was the U330. that particular model burned up five times under warranty, the temps that I see on this system, even when running under a load with high room temps are half of what the previous laptop would run at. You will notice heat up top mostly due to the positioning of the RAM in this model. All RAM heats up under load, especially the more you have. So here is the skinny of it; Pros: Fairly thin and lightweight, good business, internet, streaming video/movie and basic gaming performance. Vivid display that is not as reflective as you might think when in a bright environment (provided you get the anti-reflective screen...they did offer two choices when I ordered mine). Good battery life, I get just over 6 hours of use out of it with bluetooth and wifi turned off. With Wifi enabled and browsing the web, I manage 5:25 hours of use. HDMI & VGA out ports on the side make hooking it up to anything new or old a breeze. Windows 7 plays nice with both old and new software so you don't have to worry about that ancient version of Office not working. I despise touch pads, however this touch pad is a vast improvement over previous generations of touch pads. While I still use a wireless USB mouse, I find that I am using the touch pad more than the mouse with this laptop. Cons: Serious lack of USB ports. Seriously, in this age of USB everything, having only TWO ports is unacceptable. Sure you can buy a port replicator, but the point of a laptop is to be free of clunky extras such as that. Be careful of the screen itself, even the lightest touch against the screen will cause distortion, something I haven't seen in almost a decade, so guard your screen well from pointy fingers and co-workers with pens who like to point things out. Heat, yes it gets warm, but if you just use common sense like not using it on your bed or blocking the vents, then it's a non issue. If you are that concerned with heat, but a laptop cooler. Bottom line: Good performance, especially for the price. Stable operation, multitasks well and worth the investment for a mid range laptop.

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