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The LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack is a classic Star Wars-themed set.

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Features unique Ewok minifigures never before available.

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Possibly the only LEGO set to include fishing poles.

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All vehicles are detailed and functional.

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Very easy for even a younger child to construct.

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Ewok catapult disappointingly lacks any wheels.

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Very pricey for what it is as it's not considered a collector's item.

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Ewok figures are just one colour and are made of immovable molded plastic.

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 The LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack is a classic Star Wars-themed set. Note that there are two distinct sets titled "Ewok Attack", one smaller and from 2002, the other larger in 2011. This article concerns the former, whose model number is 7139. The set contains 119 pieces and is smaller in size, ideal for ages 7-12. Its figures represent hypothetical action from the Return of the Jedi film. It contains four minifigures: A Scout Trooper, a Storm Trooper, and Wicket and Paploo ewok figures. The Ewok figures are variants unique to this set, though Ewok and Paploo figures have been re-released in newer sets. Along with the figures this set constructs an Ewok glider, an Ewok catapult, and a variant of an Imperial Speeder Bike for the Scout Trooper. This set is intended to expand LEGO Star Wars battles and is collectable.

  • Construct Ewok glider and catapult, and Imperial speeder bike
  • Contains Paploo, Wicket, Scout Trooper and Storm Trooper figures
  • Unique Ewok figure variants
  • Ages 7-12
  • 119 pieces
  • From Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi
  • Collectable
  • Model no. 7139 (do not confuse with 2011 edition)
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