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The Lego Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin set depicts two separate scenes from the first Spider-Man movie.

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quick and easy build, only takes about 10 minutes if you take your time

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minifigures for both Spiderman and Green Goblin have excellent detail in the paint work

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plenty of detail in the design, lots of little accessories

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integrates well with other sets to create "mad scientist" type buildings

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cool Goblin mask design that pops onto a standard minifig easily

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not the most sturdy design, lots of things that fall off as you play

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doesn't have the glider or any of the Green Goblin's accessories, makes it a bit trickier to re-enact any scenes from the movie

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The Lego Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin set is made up of 212 individual pieces, and depicts two separate scenes from the first Spider-Man movie.  It's comprised of two lab setups, the first with computers and an observation tank of brightly coloured spiders from the early movie scene where Peter Parker is bitten.  The second is Lab C35, where Norman Osborn is turned into the Green Goblin. This lab contains a large observation tank, with a clear plastic wall and rotating platform.  Six unique character mini-figure pieces include Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Norman Osborn, Green Goblin, Spider-Man, and a Scientist, making this set very flexible.  The Spider-Man mini-figure comes equipped with a webbing accessory that can be connected to the scenes.  Also, by connecting the long webbing string to the fixed webbing, the character can be attached and can swing from it.  The Green Goblin character has a removable helmet accessory, as well as an intricately painted torso.

  • 212 Individual Pieces Included
  • Six Mini-Figures Included
  • Two Separate Lab Scenes
  • Two Lab Machines
  • Genetically Altered Spider Figures
  • Removable Green Goblin Helmet
  • Webbing Accessory for Spider-Man
  • Camera Accessory for Peter Parker
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