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The LEGO Creator Green Grocer is a construction set that builds into an urban setting.

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Plenty of unique pieces make this set a good addition to any collection.

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Looks great when completed.

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Included building instructions are clear and helpful.

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Very fun to construct for the older LEGO collectors, takes about 5 hours to construct.

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Very detailed and well thought out.

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May be too complex for younger builders.

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The included mini-figures are pretty standard.

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The LEGO Creator Green Grocer is a construction set that builds into an urban setting that includes a grocer and several upstairs apartments. The 3 floors can lift off to allow play inside on the lower floors, and other areas to play are also built in including a fire escape and rooftop patio. Details on the building include large bay windows on the ground floor, fireplaces with tools, a grandfather clock and upstairs windows that open. The grocery store area has a blue and white awning as well as general grocery store features like a cash register and bins for food. Extra detailing for the street level is also included to make a realistic street-side area, and 4 minifigures are included to represent typical townspeople.

  • 3 floors can lift off; can play inside
  • Realisic details including bay windows, fireplace with tools, grandfather clock and windows that open to the fire escape
  • Grocery store features a blue and white awning, cash register, bins for bread, vegetables and fruit
  • Stairs lead up to the apartments and to the roof terrace
  • Street features lampost, fire hydrant and light fixtures
  • Includes 4 townspeople minifigures, plus a cat and rat
  • Dimensions (H x W): 14 in x 10 in
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