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Help your kid earn an A+ in imaginative play with the Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set.

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Help your kid earn an A+ in imaginative play with the Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set. This inviting role-play set helps children ages three and up get excited about school by playing teacher. The set includes 149 supplies for teaching, learning, and having fun. Kids can present lessons, reward their friends with stickers, and fill out report cards to grade their "students."

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  • Standard Packaging: this version comes in the traditional retail box. 
  • Convenient tri-fold board
  • Pop-up classroom set
  • Includes everything needed for the ultimate pretend classroom
  • Easy set up and storage
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Combines Creative Play with Early Learning Skills

This set encourages imaginative play while promoting language and social skills and school readiness. Kids can pretend to be the teacher and lead their own class, perform school activities, and engage in conversations with siblings, friends, and stuffed animals. They can use the included hand pointer to "present" lessons, stickers to reward their students, and report cards to keep track of progress. The set even includes hall passes, just like in a real school.

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Lets Kids Imaginations Rule the Classroom

Encourage your child to set up their own classroom and assume the role of teacher. The Pretend and Play School Set features everything they'll need for the ultimate pretend classroom, including a grade book, stickers, hall passes, clock, bell, dry-erase board, hand pointer, crayons, double-sided calendar, double-sided map, and more. The included teacher supplies help them "teach" most of the subjects taught at school. A working bell and a clock with moveable hands helps young teachers keep track of class time for an authentic school-day experience.

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Convenient Fold-Up Storage

This pop-up, tri-fold play set can be used on a table or the floor, and features storage inside for all the teacher supplies. When playtime is over, everything folds flat for easy storage. The sturdy nylon tri-fold board measures 38 inches long by 16 inches high and has a convenient handle for easy carrying.

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At a Glance

  • Includes 149 supplies for creating a pretend classroom
  • Encourages excitement for school and learning
  • Promotes language and social skills and school readiness
  • Grade "students" with report cards and reward with stickers
  • Sturdy, tri-fold play set stores all supplies
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What's in the Box

Carrying case with handle, two-sided map, tri-fold board, hand pointer, clock with movable hands, dry-erase board, two-sided calendar with weather, school supplies storage pocket, eraser, notepad, hall passes, pencils, spelling and math worksheets, crayons, hand bell, "Good Job" reward stickers, and report cards.

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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it good for girls almost 8 years old?

    My 6 year old granddaughter loves hers. But she loves to play teacher and to play school. You can add some extras ... red pens, little spiral notebooks, post it's, etc. to go along with the things that come with it.

  • Does it come with any other maps besides a US map?

    The other side of the US map has a world map. And the other side of the calendar has a weather map.

  • What kind of erasable markers should I buy?

    Any brand would work (as long as eraseable), but because of the smaller space I would recommend a small/thinner eraseable maker.

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