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Detects gestures and translates them into instructions to a computer. The device is compact and plugs directly into a computer.

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Great potential for future development

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Artistic apps are fun and make good use of gesture controls

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Native Airspace software is easy to setup and has a smooth UI

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Total number and types of apps is lacking at launch

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Precision is lacking in day-to-day operation (outside of app environment)

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Many apps feel incomplete

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The Leap Motion Controller Gesture Motion Control is a peripheral controller intended for use with personal computers. It detects gestures and translates them into instructions to a computer. The device is compact and plugs directly into a computer via USB, and it can then be used to interact with a variety of apps, many of which are free. Setup is designed to be simple, and requires a connection to a PC or Mac computer, software download, and a brief calibration. Once connected, this controller tracks users' gestures in three dimensions and allows various gesture-based controls, depending on the app.

There is significant potential for future app development for this product, so purchasers can expect greater utility in the future.  This product requires certain supported apps to reap its benefits, which are accessible through a dedicated store called Airspace. At launch the library includes numerous games, as well as other utility applications like photo organizers/editors and music apps.

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  • Detects hand and finger gestures
  • Different ranges can be used for gesture vs. touch-based controls
  • 3" long
  • 150-degree viewing angle
  • Detects Z-axis (forward and backward) motion
  • Tracks at 200 frames per second
  • USB 3.0/2.0 compatible
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Allows access to Airspace app store
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this work with Windows 7?

    Yes, it does. The mouse driver is, however, limited as Windows 7 does not support multi touch.

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